Teaching at Small Colleges Using Canvas

Teaching at Small Colleges Using Canvas (ED-750)

A Course for College Faculty Seeking to Transition Their Teaching Online

  • February 15 – April 4, 2021;
  • 100% online, asynchronous via Canvas LMS;
  • $750 (waived for ENC faculty);
  • 3 credits, graduate-level;
  • Choice of Pass/Fail or Letter grade


Students will discuss the culture of teaching at small colleges. They will practice current best practices in teaching, motivation, and assessment. They will explore applications that can enrich online learning and that can support diverse ways of learning. They will learn the basic legal restrictions that surround diversity, disability, and copyright law. Finally, students will practice using the Canvas learning management system, both as students and as teachers.   (3 graduate credits)


Upon successful completion of ED-750, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what it means to be a teacher at a small college
  • Describe and implement current best practices in evidence-based instruction
  • Use techniques designed to improve student motivation
  • Support online learners with a variety of levels of preparation
  • Identify several software applications that can enrich student learning
  • Use the Canvas LMS both as a student and as a teacher


Dr. Dakin Burdick, Director of the Institute for College Teaching at SUNY-Cortland; former Instructional Designer &Technologist at Eastern Nazarene College

Dakin has PhDs in U.S. History and American Studies. He has been teaching since 1987 and working in instructional development since 2000. He has taught U.S. History, Middle Eastern History, East Asian History, Homeland Security, and Kinesiology. He has served as President of the New England Faculty Development Consortium (www.nefdc.org) and still serves on their Board of Directors. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Professional and Organizational Development Network (www.podnetwork.org).


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ED-750 is offered to non-matriculated, graduate-level students by the Division of Adult & Graduate Studies (AGS) at Eastern Nazarene College.

For information about degree programs and all other academic policies, please refer to the current AGS Academic Catalog, posted online at: https://enc.edu/undergraduate/academic s/ resources/registrar/undergraduate- catalog/


Students may opt to take ED-750 either with a letter grade or on a pass-fail basis. The choice of grade type must be made in writing at the time of registration.

Pass-fail grades do not carry quality point value and have no effect on cumulative GPA.  They are rarely transferable to other institutions or programs.

  • S = Satisfactory grade; equivalent to a letter grade of A to C-
  • U = Unsatisfactory grade; equivalent to a letter grade of D or F

Letter grades are assigned according to this scale:

A 100% to 95%; A- 94% to 90%; B+ 89% to 87%; B 86% to 83%; B- 82% to 80%; C+ 79% to 77%; C 76% to 73%; C- 72% to 69%; D 68% to 65%; F 64% to 0%


If you find that you are unable to complete ED-750 for any reason, you must initiate a course withdrawal by emailing Sarah.Shobert@enc.edu. Depending on the date of your email, refunds will be applied as follows:

  • Prior to 2/15/2021: 100% refund
  • 2/16/2021 to 2/25/2021: 75% refund
  • 2/26/2021 to 3/09/2021: 50% refund
  • After 3/10/2021: No refund

If you wish to receive a W grade rather than the grade you have earned in the course, you must initiate your withdrawal in writing prior to 11/30/2020.


Once you have completed ED-750, you can request an official transcript of your academic record at Eastern Nazarene College, by submitting a written request to the Registrar’s Office.

No transcript will be issued for any student or former student who has a past-due financial obligation to the College.


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Regarding course content:  Dakin.Burdick@enc.edu

Regarding administrative aspects (e.g. registration, etc.):  Sarah.Shobert@enc.edu or 617-774-6816