Finish Your Degree

1a735cd6-db0f-46e3-bdf0-21c6d2361fc3At Eastern Nazarene College’s division of Adult and Graduate Studies, we understand as a working adult, going back to college can be very exciting! In your studies, you will have the opportunity to connect with other local professionals in your cohort and learn even more about tactical, strategic and best practices used in business. Not only will you develop exciting peer-to-peer collaborations, you will also have direct access to a professor who is both an educator and a professional in your field of study.

Going back to college as an adult can also be challenging. Before you embark on this exciting journey, think about these questions and come up with a simple plan that will help you manage life’s responsibilities along the way.

  1. What will a degree do for me personally?
  2. How will a degree help advance my career?
  3. What type of degree is needed to advance in the career I want?
  4. How will I prioritize my time to be able to balance my work, family and life responsibilities with my schoolwork?
  5. How much can I afford to invest in my personal and professional growth?

With a little up-front planning, the process of earning your degree will be exciting, refreshing and much easier to manage. Congratulations! Finishing your degree starts here and ENC is ready to help you get started.
To learn more about ENC’s degree programs and to get more personalized information about how you can advance your career with a degree, contact an Enrollment Advisor today at