Financial Aid Information

We understand that investing in your Associates, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree can be a financial challenge, which is why we are committed to making the financial aid process as simple as possible. Our offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts are available to help answer any of your questions so that you can be on your way to earning your next degree.

To keep the financial aid process as simple as possible please follow the steps outlined below..

Request your Financial Aid Estimate:

  1. Apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online (FASFA) and enter school code- 002145 by April 30th, our priority deadline.
  2. Inform your Enrollment Advisor that you have completed the FASFA.
  3. Your enrollment advisor will contact you between 5-10 business days and provide you with your financial aid estimate.

After completing your FASFA, use the following steps to access your Financial Aid Award:

  1.  Apply to one of our degree programs and get accepted by the Office of Admissions.
  2. You will receive a welcome email from our ITS department within 7-10 business days with information on how to access your new ENC email address and online Portal set up.
  3. Monitor ENC e-mail and Portal to receive communications from the Financial Aid office.
  4. Once our office has received all necessary documents, we will award your Financial Aid.

Please visit our scholarship opportunities  page if you are interested in applying for additional opportunities to help cover the cost of your tuition. These scholarships and grants are specifically for students in our division of Adult and Graduate Studies. For current students, please be aware that all loans and payment plans should be secured and confirmed by the end of your second class.

If you wish for additional information about the financial aid process or need to reach out to a representative, please contact us today by email at or phone at 617-745-3712.