Degree Completion for Adults

e869cc4f-0f10-4bf7-a59c-0d0fa1ab2537Your college degree, your hopes and dreams just may be closer than you think

Have you always wanted to finish your college degree and prove to yourself that you have what it takes to advance your career? How about wanting to set an example for your kids so they can see that education is important? Many working adults struggle with these questions and others. They are trying to figure out how to move ahead in their career, balance family, job and life commitments. Additionally, working adults may have a job they like, but they may not be eligible for a promotion because they do not have their degree.

Did you know? Once you earn your degree, your earnings potential significantly increases according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Watch the video and hear Patricia Ryan, General Manager of Salem Radio Boston talk about her experience as a professional juggling family, job and life. Patricia accomplished this all while being a student earning an Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Eastern Nazarene College’s Adult and Graduate Studies.

Regardless of your motivations, it’s just not realistic to quit your job and put family responsibilities on hold so you can go back to school. Eastern Nazarene College (ENC) designed all of our adult degree programs fully understanding that working adults are very busy and can’t afford to stop life. Your college degree, your hopes and dreams just may be closer than you think.

At ENC, we are committed to guiding you through successfully to graduation so that you can benefit from your hard work and your degree. Soon you will be on the track you set for yourself and fully equipped with your degree for the career you always wanted and the promotion you deserve.