Cultural Competency Symposium

Join Eastern Nazarene College for a ‘Journey In Cultural Competency’ as experienced presenters engage participants and challenge them to lead and serve in a diverse world.

Date: March 18, 2017
Time: 8:30am – 12:00pm
Location: 180 Old Colony Ave. Quincy, MA 02170

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Unmasking MicroAggressions
Brad Thorne, Director of the Brickley Center
Robert Benjamin, Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Student Transitions

This workshop will provide an overview of recent research relative to microaggressions, with a particular focus on how they are manifested in day to day interactions. Practical strategies and steps will be offered in how we can identify our implicit biases, become more aware of the biases we hold and the negative consequences that result for the recipients of microaggressions.

“#BlackLivesMatter: A Christian Response.”
Montague Williams, Chaplain, Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Department Chair

Every college student in the United States today recognizes the well-known hashtag—#BlackLivesMatter—as it represents a movement led by young adults. Of course, simply recognizing the phrase is much different than discerning its meaning and purpose. Focusing on the significance of word-choice, this workshop will guide participants to think theologically about the recent awareness of racial tension in society and move toward faithful Christian responses.

What Does It Mean To Be White? –
Jeff Kirksey, Vice President for Student Development and Retention

Often the group of people that feel most inadequate to engage in discussions of race and culture are those that are white, as if being white is somehow race neutral or race devoid. This session seeks to explore white identity development, understand how historical interpretations of whiteness have shaped modern discussions of race and culture, and begin unpacking the concept of white privilege. The session will conclude with a discussion about the role understanding whiteness plays in promoting racial justice.