Your skills are the foundation for success. At Eastern Nazarene College, we empower working professionals by providing career focused business programs that build on workplace skills in leadership, communication and business operations. Choose the concentration that works best for you based on your specific area of interest. Click here for a list of program start dates and locations.

Upcoming Business Program Options

Associate of Arts in General Business
Builds a foundation in business and liberal arts studies where students will develop the communication and analytical skills necessary to succeed in business professions.

Bachelor of Arts in Management
Prepares students with essential business skills in communication, leadership and management that can be applied to a wide variety of professions.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Provides students with quantitative, analytical, and critical decision making skills for successful careers in business administration.

Master of Science in Management
Explores deeper into the issues related to organizational behavior, business operations, and ethics to prepare business professionals in making sound leadership decisions.

Fully Online Master of Science in Management
Provides you with the tools to succeed in the marketplace and better understand sound communication practices, collaboration within multicultural communities, and organizational and individual behaviors.