Master of Science in Management

Available at all Massachusetts locations

Coming soon!  fully-online Master of Science in Management

Upcoming start date:  Spring 2020 in Quincy

With Eastern Nazarene College’s Master of Science in Management program, you’ll not only gain tools to become a more effective leader, but you’ll also gain a better understanding of complex business challenges and how to develop successful solutions.

This program will help you take your leadership skills to a deeper and more powerful level. Develop your skills in critical decision making, formulating multi-step strategies for problem-solving, and collecting and analyzing data.

Heading back to school might seem overwhelming, but with Eastern Nazarene’s Master of Science in Management program, you’ll be able earn the degree you want without putting life on hold. We’ve designed this program specifically for busy, working adults so you don’t have change your schedule to earn your degree.

  • One night a week
  • As little as 16 months to completion
  • Cohort model of instruction
  • 36 credits for completion
  • $638 per credit (Tuition: $628 per credit; Student Fee: $10 per credit)
  • Concierge textbook service ($55 per course or opt-out to make your own book arrangements)

Eastern Nazarene College’s Master of Science in Management degree will help you better understand communication practices, collaboration within multicultural communities, and organizational and individual behaviors. You’ll be prepared to guide, lead, and understand organizations on multiple levels.  From corporate settings to individuals, you’ll have the tools to help your team reach its goals.

Set yourself apart with a degree that not only shows your knowledge and skill, but your character as well. Earning your degree with Eastern Nazarene means you’ll have the opportunity to learn from a diverse community of students and faculty, with faith at the center.

The business world is in need of strong, ethical leaders.  Earn the degree you need today to lead your team tomorrow.

Organizational Theory, Behavior and Change (3 credits)
Introduction to Integrated Thesis: Research Methodology, Design & Statistics (3 credits)
Foundations of Leadership Theory (3 credits)
Financial Issues for Managers (3 credits)
Human Resource Management Seminar (3 credits)
Thesis Checkpoint (1 credit)
Economic Issues for Managers (3 credits)
Ethical Leadership (3 credits)
Management Information and Decision Design (3 credits)
Leadership in the Global Marketplace (3 credits)
Marketing Communications (3 credits)
Applied Leadership and Strategy and Policy (3 credits)
Thesis Seminar (2 credits)

2019-2020 MSM Curriculum Information [PDF]