Master's in Higher Education Administration

Master of Education
in Higher Education Administration

Available at Massachusetts Locations

Earn your Master of Education in Higher Education Administration from Eastern Nazarene and increase your influence over the leadership, processes, management, and operational functions in higher education administration.

Earn the credential you’ve been looking for without changing your schedule. Don’t put work, family, or life on hold to earn your degree, Eastern Nazarene has designed this program for busy adults like you.

  • One night a week, every other week
  • As little as 22 months to completion
  • Hybrid cohort model of instruction (combination of face-to-face and online instruction in each course)
  • 36 credits for completion
  • $602 per credit (Tuition: $592 per credit; Student Fees: $10 per credit)
  • Concierge textbook service ($85 per course or opt-out to make your own book arrangements)

Within this program, students will begin to understand the inner workings of the higher education administration system. As a student, you’ll deepen your understanding of compliance, finance, student development and more within higher education, while also looking at the history and leadership of higher education administration.

Begin your journey into higher education today with a Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Eastern Nazarene College.


  • ED-700, History of Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-703, Student Development Theory and Practice (3 cr)
  • ED-704, Organization and Governance of Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-705, Finance in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-707, Higher Education and the Law (3 cr)
  • ED-708, Higher Education Leadership (3 cr)
  • ED-709, Managerial Functions in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-711, Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-712, Access and Equity in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-713, Data-driven Decision-making in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-715, Enrollment Management in Higher Education (3 cr)
  • ED-725, Capstone: Continuous Improvement in Higher Education (3 cr)

2018-2019 MEd-HEA Curriculum Information [PDF]