Bachelor of Arts in Education

Teaching is a true passion. Follow that passion with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Eastern Nazarene.

This initial licensure program will prepare students to teach in Massachusetts at the early childhood level (PreK-2) or the elementary level (1-6). By gaining hands-on field experience in public school classrooms and completing a 12-13 week practicum (full-time student teaching), students are able to grow their knowledge on campus and in the classroom.

Earn the degree you need to follow your passion, without changing your schedule. Eastern Nazarene has designed their program so you don’t have to put work, family or life on hold.

  • One night a week
  • 34 months to completion
  • Cohort model of instruction
  • 91 credits for completion
  • $405 per credit
Prior to student teaching, students must pass the necessary MTEL (Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure) exams. A cumulative teaching portfolio and an exit interview are required for graduation. Upon completion of the program, a candidate is fully prepared to enter a classroom and impact the learning of students.

Graduates who have earned an associates degree from Massasoit Community College can easily transfer their credits to earn their Bachelor’s in Education at Eastern Nazarene College.

Prior to graduation, students must pass the necessary MTEL (Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure) exams, submit a cumulative teaching portfolio, and complete an exit interview so they are fully prepared to enter into the classroom.

This initial licensure program will prepare graduates of Massasoit Community College to teach within the Massachusetts school systems. Students who have completed their associates degree at Massasoit Community College can easily transfer their credits to earn their bachelor’s in education at Eastern Nazarene College.

With a Bachelor’s in Education from Eastern Nazarene, you’ll have the knowledge and skill to step into any classroom setting and share your passion with future generations.


Liberal Arts Requirements:
Great Writers of England and America (3 credits)
Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)
Logic, Sets and Numbers (3 credits)
Operations and Algebra (3 credits)
Introduction to Geometry (3 credits)
Applications of Algebra (3 credits)
Introduction to Music (3 credits)
First Aid/CPR (0.5 credits)
Personal Health and Wellness (3 credits)
Physical Education (1.5 credits)

Cultural Requirements:
Christian Tradition (3 credits)
Western Heritage (3 credits)
East Meets West: Western Philosophy and Globalization (3 credits)
Epoch-Making Events in Science (3 credits)
Living Issues (3 credits)

Education Requirements:
Educational Technology (3 credits)
Educational Psychology (3 credits)
Classroom Management (3 credits)
Practicum Seminar (2 credits)
ELL Curriculum & Methods (3 credits)
Teaching Reading and Children’s Literature (3 credits)
Human Exceptionalities (3 credits)
Psychological & Educational Assessment (3 credits)

Licensure Requirements:
Early Childhood Curriculum & Methods I (3 credits)
Early Childhood Curriculum & Methods II (3 credits)
Practicum (12 credits)