Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Available at Massachusetts Locations

The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (nonlicensure) is designed for working adults who currently teach young children (from birth to age 8). The degree-completion program is designed for students who have already completed an Associate degree in full.  The program will prepare students to fulfill the academic requirements necessary for progressing through the certification levels of the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.

  • One night a week
  • As little as 20 months to completion
  • Cohort model of instruction
  • 42.5 credits to completion
  • $417 per credit (Tuition: $407 per credit; Student Fees: $10 per credit)
  • Concierge textbook service ($85 per course or opt-out to make your own book arrangements)

Classes in the ECE degree-completion program meet once a week over a period of 6 weeks. Students who follow the program’s schedule can expect to complete it in approximately 20 months. At the end of the program, students must submit a cumulative teaching portfolio in order to complete the requirements for graduation.

With faith at the center of this program, students earning their Bachelor’s degree are able to grow educationally and spiritually.

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum sheet


  • LA-300, Professional Communication (3 cr)
  • PE-222, First Aid/CPR (0.5 cr)
  • EC-306, Math for the EC Classroom (3 cr)
  • EC-308, Literacy & Language Development (3 cr)
  • ED-310, Educational Psychology (3 cr)
  • EC-311, Special Needs in Early Childhood (3 cr)
  • EC-390, Child Care Policy (3 cr)
  • EC-391, School, Family, Community (3 cr)
  • EC-392, Supervision & Administration of Childcare Facilities (3 cr)
  • EC-395, Health, Safety & Nutrition (3 cr)
  • EC-499p, Practicum Seminar II (6 cr)
  • CP-250, Bible in Current Perspective (3 cr)
  • CP-350, World Religions (3 cr)
  • CP-410, Living Issues (3 cr)