Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (Degree Completion Track)

Available at Massachusetts and Virginia Locations

This program provides degree completion for students with an Associates Degree, allowing them to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry. This program also completes the education requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

  • Courses are offered in a combination of online, video-conferencing, and in person formats
  • Two year program
  • 63 credits to completion
  • Books are included in the cost of tuition

State Tuition & Fees:

Tuition 2020-21 (both semesters): $25,952 (2 x $12,976)
Fees: $1000
Total Tuition & Fees 2020-21 (includes books): $26,952

Standard Scholarships:

  • Transfer scholarships
  • Nazarene Student Grant
  • All Nazarene CM students receive an additional $2000 scholarship in the first year of the degree completion program (as incoming Juniors)
  • Church Matching Grant Available

With courses in Bible, theology, philosophy, and a variety of ministry topics, this program provides in-depth classroom learning with intentional practicum opportunities with students spending time engaged in ministry in a local church context. ENC’s Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree offers exceptional ministry preparation for students pursuing a variety of positions of ministry in the church.

Take your leadership and ministry even further with Eastern Nazarene’s Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry.

Courses Year 1 Fall
BL210 – Biblical History & Literature3.0
PM252 – Pastoral Leadership & Congregational Life3.0
SF120 – Foundations of Spiritual Formation1.5
CP290 – East Meets West3.0
PM372 – History & Polity of the Church of the Nazarene3.0
PM470 – Ecclesiology: Worship & Preaching3.0
Courses Year 1 SpringCr
TH443 – Christian Theology I3.0
IC110 – Introduction to Intercultural Studies3.0
BL220 – Biblical Hermeneutics3.0
TH310 – Survey of the History of Christianity3.0
PM472 – Ecclesiology: Discipleship & Formation3.0
Courses Year 2 Fall
BL*** – OT Upper Division Elective3.0
TH444 – Christian Theology II3.0
SF130 – Practices of Spiritual Formation1.5
CP350 – World Religions3.0
CP410 – Living Issues3.0
PM471 – Ecclesiology: Mission & Evangelism3.0
Courses Year 2 SpringCr
BL*** – NT Upper Division Elective3.0
TH472 – Doctrine of Holiness3.0
TH495 – Senior Seminar3.0
PM461 – Christian Preaching3.0
PM473 – Ecclesiology: Pastoral Care & Counseling3.0

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