Adult Education Programs

The Division of Adult & Graduate Studies at Eastern Nazarene College seeks to fulfill the mission of the college by: 

  1. Providing an opportunity for advanced study by qualified students consistent with the resources of the college.
  2. Pointing to ways in which the Christian faith can be integrated with the professional focus of the various programs.
  3. Maintaining an atmosphere characterized by openness to truth, appreciation of the religious dimensions of life and commitment to a more humane world.
  4. Providing an opportunity for serious reflection on the issues of faith and ethical concerns as they become relevant to the professional.
  5. Addressing the major issues and models for business, education and family counseling.

Eastern Nazarene College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Such accreditation indicates that the institution meets or exceeds criteria for the assessment of institutional quality as determined by periodic review. (For a list of all of ENC’s accreditations and affiliations, follow this link.)

Program Characteristics 
The majority of degree programs offered by the AGS division operate on an accelerated schedule in which you will take a single course at a time within a concentrated period of time. This model anticipates that adult students, who have already gained a background of practical experience, are able to grasp the theory and concepts more quickly and completely. When you enroll in a degree program, you will be grouped with other students from the same program into a cohort. The cohort will take all of its classes together throughout the duration of the program.

The curriculum for each AGS program has been designed so that students are able to meet the learning outcomes specific for each program. Since authentic learning is a particular hallmark of AGS programming, all coursework is concerned with relating theory to practice. AGS emphasizes the efficient use of class time. AGS faculty, which includes members of ENC’s full-time faculty as well as qualified adjuncts, are encouraged to use class time only for enhancing experiences, not for reviewing the textbook or accomplishing work that adults could do on their own. Students are expected to accomplish much of the work required by the curriculum outside of class, either independently or through group work.

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